Garmin outage – Once again: Synchronisation Problems

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Update (5th August): Garmin Sync is working again and we have catched up all past activities. If an activity is missing you would need to manually download from Garmin Connect and upload it to Runalyze.

Update (3th August) from Garmin: Garmin is fixing it, but it still could take some days

After Garmin was offline due to an attack from July 23 to 26, Garmin has been having problems with their API again since Friday evening.

At the moment it is not possible for us to synchronize your activities. Garmin is aware of this and is trying to fix the problem. As soon as this happens, your activities should automatically appear.

Why does synchronization work with some platforms anyway?

Garmin has two APIs. An old one that is still used by many platforms (and is not affected by current outage) and a new one that we have been using since mid-2019.

How do I still get my activities to Runalyze?

Normally you can download the original FIT files from But this is currently not possible for the same reasons.

The only way to get your data is via USB cable. Almost all Garmin watches can be connected to the computer via USB and the watch is recognized as data storage. In the folder Garmin/Activity you should find the latest activities.

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2 thoughts on “Garmin outage – Once again: Synchronisation Problems

  1. Apropos Garmin: Es wäre sehr erfreulich, wenn der Garmin Radfahr-VO2max Wert in Runalyze erscheinen würde…
    LG Frank

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