Information about the server outage on 18.01.2021, 9:15 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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Due to a server outage at our service provider, Runalyze was unavailable from about 9:15 am to 2 pm (CET) on Monday 01/18/2021. The outage affected our database server, so none of our services worked as usual. Unfortunately, the recovery took a bit longer than initially announced. The database was damaged by the outage in such a way that we had to import our last complete database backup from 2 am (CET). Repairing the defective entries, on the other hand, would have cost us much more time.

Changes made on Monday morning (between 2am and 9:15am CET) were unfortunately lost in the process. You have to repeat the changes manually. Likewise, you may have to manually re-upload activities that were imported into Runalyze via automatic synchronization during this time. Activities that were still in the queue should now be processed one by one. If in doubt, please manually upload your current activity to Runalyze.

Also, there may be issues with API connections in some circumstances. If an automatic synchronization of new data (i.e. after 2pm on Monday) does not work, please reconnect to the corresponding API once. Unfortunately, we cannot check individual cases here.

We apologize for the outage and the resulting missing data. We are working hard to ensure that such outages do not occur and that, in case of doubt, no data is lost and Runalyze is quickly available again. We will analyze this incident in detail in the coming days and take appropriate measures.

One thought on “Information about the server outage on 18.01.2021, 9:15 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  1. Hi team,

    Thanks for your communication.

    I’am an admin sys and understand that situation :-)



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