How you can use Runalyze:

RUNALYZE started as one-man-project with only one user and has grown to an app with around 13.000 users of our official online version. Server requirements and complexity of the app and its configuration grow with the feature list. Please understand that our main focus is on implementing new features and serving a performant online version. Therefore, support for local installations is limited.

Own installation

You can install Runalyze on your own webserver (online or local)

  • Offline available
  • You know where your data is
  • No automatic updates
  • Good knowledge with administration of webserver, databases and enough debugging skills
  • Administration needed
  • Server requirements will increase
  • You break it – you fix it
  • Ask the community, when you have questions (Board)


Download at Github

Use Runalyze online

The easiest way to use Runalyze is our official online version

  • Easy to use
  • No installation needed
  • Automatic updates
  • We backup your data
  • Share activities
  • Hosted in Germany
  • We respect your privacy
  • We do not sell data to other companies


Use Runalyze online