Direct synchronization from Garmin to RUNALYZE

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After a long time, the time has finally come: Direct synchronization of activities with Garmin is now online.

Just click on the “Automatic Sync” button next to “Add workout” and connect with Garmin.

There are some restrictions

We only get all future activities and your activities of the last thirty days from Garmin. We have a secret tool for the first “Garmin Connect Full Import” for you available at

What happens after activating the sync?

Nothing for the moment, unless you record a new activity. Garmin will send us that activity and afterwards the initial synchronization of the last thirty days will start. This can take some time (hours up to one day) since Garmin sends us the activities and we don’t have control when this happens. But we’re still in close contact with Garmin to locate any problems.


Activities are all synced as runs

We have only mapping for some types of sport. We will add more sport mappings soon. You can define a fallback sport in your configuration.

Can I define which activities are synced?

No, you cannot define which activities should be synced. We always get all activities by garmin.

Activities synced between 15  of May until 16 of May 2018 got the wrong timezone

There was a possible bug in our accepting side – It should be fixed now, but we cannot fix the starttime for already imported activities (via Garmin Synchronization feature)

I have already uploaded activities within the last thirty days. Will there be duplicates?

No duplicates should be created – The activity’s start time will be used to identify possible duplicates.

– Activities of Zwift and other external vendors that synchronize activities to Garmin do not appear on Runalyze

Garmin doesn’t send us these activities. Unfortunately, we cannot change this.

What about Polar, TomTom, Suunto Movescount, Fitbit…?

We are working on adding a direct synchronization with other portals. We don’t have a fixed timetable for that.


We had to pay a high one-time fee (5000$) to Garmin for this feature. If you are satisfied with this feature please consider a donation. Thank you.

More questions?

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