A web application to analyze your training – as detailed as nowhere else.


Unique calculations

Logging all your activities is easy. Runalyze does much more:

  • TRIMP principle

    TRIMP is short for Training Impulse and gives you the opportunity to compare activities of different intensity levels.

  • Effective VO2max estimation

    VO2max is a scientific metric for the maximal oxygen uptake that is highly correlated with your maximal running performance. In addition to common calculators that estimate VO2max based on a race result, we estimate your effective VO2max for every activity based on the relation of your heart rate and pace.

    Runalyze goes one step ahead: We estimate your current effective vo2max shape based on your heart rate and pace of every activity.



Prognose Rechner
  • Prediction

    You can choose your favorite model to predict your upcoming race: CPP by Robert Bock, a simple method by Herbert Steffny, calculations by David Cameron or our vdot method based on Jack Daniels.

  • Prediction based on your shape

    Most models predict your race performance based on your personal bests on different distances, but that does not always fit your current shape. Our vdot estimations can be used to give much more accurate predictions.


Don’t loose sight of anything.

  1. Calendar view

    You can always see your latest activities (or browse to any other time range).

  2. Statistics

    Runalyze offers you a lot of statistics to analyze your training.

  3. Panels

    You can choose which panels to show up on the right side.


Direct garmin import

Direct import from garmin devices via garmin communicator.


Upload for all common formats (*.fit, *.fitlog, *.gpx, *.hrm, *.kml, *.logbook, *.pwx, *.slf, *.sml, *.tcx, *.trk, *.ttbin, *.xml).


Export single activities as tcx-, gpx-, kml- or fitlog-file.


Elevation correction

GPS-based elevation data can be corrected via srtm data.

Elevation calculation

You can choose the algorithm and settings for your elevation calculation.


By default all your data is private. You don’t need to be in our community.



You can search any activity based on various parameters.

Dynamic graphs

Dynamic graphs with tooltips, fullscreen mode and the option to save them.

Zone analysis

Analyze your training based on specific zones.


Own sport/activity types

Define your own sport/activity types.

Log your …

weight, resting heart rate, equipment, weather, route, …

Shared view

You can publish your activities – if you want to.

… and much more.