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First of all we want to say THANK YOU! For years you have been with us regularly – day and sometimes even at night.

We now have many long-term users and every day even more users are joining us. Of course we are very happy about this! With increasing user numbers, however, the daily challenge also increases for us.Support requests, infrastructure costs, costs of some APIs and the actual programming of new and the maintenance of existing features.

To be able to invest more time in RUNALYZE in the long term, we are now launching a subscription model.

Just to put your mind at ease for now: nothing will change in the current feature set of RUNALYZE. The currently existing features will remain free of charge and of course there will be more new features in the free version of RUNALYZE in the future. There will only be additional account levels for special and especially cost-intensive features.


How much does the Supporter account cost?

For prices have a look at our pricing page.

Why are we taking this step?

As the number of users grows, the monthly costs of the infrastructure and APIs used (e.g. weather data) increase in addition to the support effort. This is a necessary step to be able to invest more time in RUNALYZE in the long run.

Does something change for me as a user if I do not pay anything?

No. The currently existing functions remain freely available.

What levels will there be?

Initially there will be only one supporter level. In the long term we plan to add another level with additional features.

Will there still be new free features?


Why a subscription model and not a one-off payment?

As the functionality and complexity of features increases, costs cannot be planned in the long term. We have monthly running costs for each user which have to be covered permanently.

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