Runalyze Annual Review – 2022 in Numbers

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Our system works around the clock. Last year, a total of 65,600,000,000 seconds of training data were processed and analyzed. Of this, just over half of the activities were running data. But other sports are also becoming more and more popular. We have gathered this information and more in our 2022 Annual Review.

Totals for 2022. Uploads are shown as new uploads per year.
Proportion of sport types and their increase (or decrease) in number of activities compared to 2021.

The Effective VO2max is probably the most interesting, but also the most controversial metric in Runalyze for runners. We are sure: With a little fine tuning, the value (as long as reliable training data is available) is helpful for everyone. There is a clear trend towards two seasonal peaks in spring and fall – of course also due to the fact that the particularly cold or hot temperatures can get to you in winter and summer.

Distribution and yearly trend of the Effective VO2max

Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros or a completely different manufacturer? Among Runalyze users, there is a very clear opinion here.

Distribution of device brands and their increase (or decrease) compared to 2021 by number of activities.

An average Runalyze user ran about 1,200 km in 2022 – which is well equivalent to the lifespan of one to two pairs of new running shoes. But which brands and models are in vogue? We have evaluated the equipment created in 2022 in this regard. (Please take into account that about 72% of our users are in Europe).

Most common shoes among Runalyze users.

Do you use tags to mark your activities? Which ones do you use (most often)? Tags provide an easy way to label specific activities – regardless of sport or activity type. Here are the most common tags used by our users.

Most common tags among all Runalyze users.

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