Runalyze Development Updates #2

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At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about the latest developments at RUNALYZE.

Fallback Sync/Import Sport

In Configuration -> General settings you are able to define a fallback sync sport. This is just used in case we cannot recognize/map the sport type of new activities.

(At least some) Heart rate values for swimming

We have pushed a fix such that heart rate data of swimming activities (with a Garmin Tri or Swim strap) can be read. So far, only heart rate values are important as long as there’s a matching data point in the other signals. In lane swimming this only results in one heart rate value per lane, in open water in slightly more values. But even there it is not the full accuracy, as at Garmin. We have the full accuracy still on our list.

No more Google Maps support

We’ve dropped the support for Google Maps as layers in the activity map. We are sorry for those of you favoring their layers, but recent changes in Googles terms of use leave us no choice.

Privacy for notes in rss feed

We’ve added an entry to show notes in the dataset. The privacy of this option (regardless of whether its visibility in the dataset) will be used to decide whether notes are shown in the athlete’s rss feed or not. (For the activity view itself, privacy options are not respected so far.)

Poster generator bug

In some cases activities without gps data have been missing in the posters. We’ve fixed that.

More user-friendly “is race”

Some users complained that they have to tick the “race” checkbox in the form if they chose “Race” as activity type. We have added a configuration option to each sport that allows you to define an activity type as a default race type. This has the only effect that the checkbox is activated automatically when you select this type.

Back-end Changes

Introduced the first back-end changes to be able to scale in the future. That introduced some bugs (some Garmin Sync activities were not stored correctly), but we fixed it.

Spam protection

Well – there were a lot of spam registration in the last months. We added some protections against that. (We are no friends of captchas – so that’s nothing we will add to the registration or login field)

RUNALYZE – Tank Tops and Shirts

Slowly we are running out of stock. Some sizes are already out of stock and for some others we only have very few in stock. ->  RUNALYZE Shop

What we are working on:

In the moment we are working on the Polar sync (which is a bit difficult without a polar watch for testing (UPDATE: We got a testing watch from one of our users. Thanks!). Fortunately, after our blog post about Movescount we got an answer from them and are evaluating their API now as well.

That’s all for now ;)

Best regards
Hannes & Michael

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