Tutorial: Connect with Polar Flow

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RUNALYZE lets you connect to Polar Flow so all your future activities are synchronized to RUNALYZE.

Step 1 – Click on the automatic sync button

Step 2 – Click on “Connect”

Step 3 – Authorize RUNALYZE to get access to your activities. Click on “Accept” to do so (It’s a german screenshot from the polar website)Step 4 – Go out and do your sport

All future activities will be synchronized from Polar to RUNALYZE. There is a slight delay of up to half an hour during synchronization.

Or summarized as short video:


Are you able to get the full history from Polar?

Well, we have a tool at https://runalyze.com/tool/polar-import – We cannot guarantee that it works as expected (No support if it does not work)

– Are steps, weight data and co also transmitted?

Not in the moment. As soon as we have refactored the health section in RUNALYZE the data will be synchronized too.

The sync does not work

Only new activities after you connected your Polar Flow account will be synced.

In case it still does not work disconnect your Polar Flow account on RUNALYZE and also disconnect the RUNALYZE connection on the Polar Flow website (https://flow.polar.com/settings/profile)

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Connect with Polar Flow

  1. Hallo, ich freue mich, dass ihr diese Möglichkeit endlich schaffen konnte. Nachdem ich mein Account gekoppelt hatte, wurden auch gleich vier Aktivitäten syncronisiert. Seit gestern wird leider nichts mehr sycronisiert. Möchte ich die Verbindung zu Polar beenden, so teilt er Error 500 mit. Könnt ihr mir helfen?

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