A first look at the next year

Dear RUNALYZE user,

the next year is rapidly coming closer and we hope your basic training for 2017 did already start. To reach your goals, we’d be pleased if you remain as a loyal user at RUNALYZE to analyze your activities and improve yourself.

Our personal goals for 2017 at RUNALYZE are to get a working activity synchronisation (we’ll start with some smaller vendor manufacturing portals) and to provide further improvements for our analytics. If we are lucky, there’ll be some more suprises for you next year – stay tuned. Enough ideas and own wishes exists – but we cannot promise which features to come first.

RUNALYZE is developed mainly in our leisure time – beside our full-time jobs, such that the development does not proceed as quickly as we wish, but we do our very best!

Please post your ideas and suggestions for RUNALYZE in our forum to let us see what’s most important for you, as that’s what matters: our users.

Talking with your training partners or friends about RUNALYZE and mentioning us on the web (on blogs, social media channels, forums) makes us really happy and helps us to grow. Thank you for all your support so far! When you are logged in at RUNALYZE you can get more information by taking a look at the help page on how to support us.

We hope you have great holidays and wish you a healthy start into the new year.

With sporty regards  

Hannes & Michael  

P.S. On our help page you get a lot of further information about frequently asked questions and the calculations in RUNALYZE. Feel free to ask any further questions at our forum.


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We spend our leisure time to make RUNALYZE as good as possible and we still have tons of great ideas, but time is scarce and after a hard training we first need some fruits or a smoothie. You can support the development of RUNALYZE with every financial contribution — We highly appreciate every grant.

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