Minor changes in RUNALYZE v3.1

Today we are going to tell you about minor changes in our recent release of version 3.1.

Age grade performance

Age grade performance



Have a look at your race results (only for running) in proportion to the world best performance in your age/gender. You need to enter your year of birth in your account settings to see the percentage in the race result list and age grades are only available for distances of at least 5k.

Heat index

Doing sports in weather conditions like high humidity and high temperature is a bad idea and should be done only by people with enough experience. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke can occur in case of a large “heat index”, which is the temperature adjusted to humidity.

There are four categories (caution, extreme caution, danger, extreme danger) of potential effects, based on advises by NOAA national weather service.

heat index


Tools in activity view

Activty-toolsAll tools we are providing for an activity are now summarized in a dropdown menu, so you don’t have to look for respectives links somewhere in the detailed activity view. “Analyze time series” and “Find best sub segments” are new since v3.1, see the respective blog article.




And some more changes

  • Import Wahoo Tickr files (*.csv)
  • Lot of changes in the FIT-file importer (developer fields)
  • new weather API (darksky) – more historical weather data
  • Energy setting: choose between kilojoules and kilocalories
  • new mail layout
  • users can change their mail address

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