Announcement: No more support for import/export tool as of 10.03.2018

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Note: This announcement is not relevant for users who only use our official version at

We want to take further important steps forward this year, in order to be able to offer you even more features in the future. One step of this will be a change in the storage of the complete activity data. We are therefore forced to make the following changes:

Starting March 10,2018, the import/export tool, which was previously used to save *. sql and *. json backups of all user data and transfer *. json backups to another installation, will no longer be available.

If you are currently using your own installation with version 4.2 and would like to use our platform in the future, you should create an export and import it to RUNALYZE. com by January 26,2018. It is planned that we will update to v4.3 this coming weekend (27./28.01).

Afterwards, users have to update their own installation to version 4.3 and thus have the last chance to use the import/export tool. It is planned that we will release version 4.4 on 10./11.03.2018, in which the import/export tool will no longer be available. Afterwards it is no longer possible for users of own installations to transfer their data to our platform in one go.

Users of our own installations now have to decide once and for all whether they want to use our official version at Such a tool to transfer all data will not come back in the future. In the long term, however, it will be possible to download all activities via bulk export (in tcx format). Data security concerns are therefore unfounded.

Ultimately, we are forced to take this step in order to meet the increasing number of users and challenges. Support for this export/import tool is simply no longer acceptable to us because of the demands on databases, data processing and development.

We hope you understand this step. Questions and problems with individual updates can be asked in our forum.

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