Calculated values for historical activities

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We are constantly working on Runalyze and trying to bring you new features and metrics. As a result, new values are added over time that are not yet available for old activities. Therefore, in mid-June we took another look at all existing activities and recalculated the values that have been added in the last weeks and months (or even years).

Recalculated values

Among them are the values like GAP, xPower, Aerobic Decoupling Pace/Power, Uphill Efficiency / Downhill Efficiency, the Climb Score and our estimate of the Peak EPOC. These values are now – as long as they can be calculated – available for all activities.

Power value with zero averaging

When calculating the average power, it has almost no influence for running whether you consider data points with “0 watts” or filter them beforehand, because each step requires some power when running. When cycling, however, it looks different: Downhill, you can let it roll with 0 watts. For the average power, it is therefore important here whether the zeros are taken into account or not.

This frequently mentioned wish has now been implemented: You can choose in your settings whether the averaging of the power should be done with or without zeros.

You can find the setting under Configuration -> General Settings -> Training View -> Power: non-zero averaging.

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