Peaceful holiday & Preview 2019

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Dear RUNALYZE users,

before the Christmas stress – eating, running, eating, running, … – begins – we’d like to send you a little Christmas greeting.

We have already presented our review of the year in last blogpost. Today we would like to say a few words before the year is finally over.

Thank you for your trust

There is a lot of private time and energy in Runalyze from us (Hannes and Michael). We are busy with Runalyze almost every day. Whether it’s developing new tools, customizing little things, support requests, planning new features, discussing ideas, monitoring, composing newsletters or – as here – writing blog posts to keep you up to date. There’s always more than enough work. On some days the development process is unfortunately sometimes too short. Nevertheless, this year we could feel that the effort of the last few years has paid off and that the flexibility we have created for ourselves in programming helps us to make faster progress.


We want to thank all users, …

  • … who registered with RUNALYZE this year.
  • … who provide us with their ideas and suggestions.
  • … the other users help with questions and do some work for us.
  • … which leave us a short message even with small problems.

What’s coming 2019?

After the review we want to give you at least a small preview of 2019 – with reservations, of course. As long as we can only deal with RUNALYZE in our free time, not everything can be planned exactly.

Suunto Sync
For the first quarter of 2019, we have planned, among other things, to finalize synchronization with Suunto and get it up and running. The synchronization will be compatible with the new Suunto App, but will not connect with Movescount.

The first quarter will also see the launch of the revised Health division, which replaces the previous Body Data panel. This represents a major overhaul, with new metrics being added to the record sheet (with the record sheet as such being split into the individual areas). In particular, this change should allow us to correctly consider, for example, the weight data for activity-related calculations (e.g. relative power in W/kg). Unfortunately, this is not really possible so far due to the underlying internal structure.

Internal restructuring
Furthermore, we have planned another very extensive internal restructuring, which concerns the storage of activity data. More than 50 million training kilometres – often with a dozen data points per minute – are in our database. The original architecture for storing this data was initially designed to store the data of a single user – we are now talking about over 24,000 registered users. Extensive changes are therefore necessary here, which cost a lot of time and do not directly result in moving new features. Nevertheless, the change will also result in some clean-up work, which will be useful for subsequent new developments.

What else we want
To admit it: We want quite a lot. Now we have 215 open tickets and the bigger, really interesting ideas are not all formulated there yet. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few keywords, which we would like to work on otherwise at least – on the one hand so that you know that it’s our turn, on the other hand so that you can get involved in case of concrete ideas.
These wishes include: Deeper power analysis (for cycling and running), analysis of quality activities (comparison of interval trainings over the months), revision of the training view, comparison of activities, comprehensive analysis of ClimbScore and individual climbs, …

We can’t and won’t tell you schedules for functions because we annoy ourselves when we can’t keep them.

One thought on “Peaceful holiday & Preview 2019

  1. I just want to tell you Thanks a lot for your work!

    Automatic training pace calculator and Shape graphs are pure gold for my running analysis!

    I would love some improvements in the shape graph, such as remembering graph preferences.

    I will be a loyal user for years to come.

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