Runalyze Development Updates #1

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At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about the latest developments at RUNALYZE.

Synchronization with various portals

Of course we are working on this feature, as it is the most important feature at the moment. We’re already in contact with Garmin and are already testing their API. We are a little disappointed that you can only get the last 30 days of the user’s history. We hoped for more – especially since we pay $5,000 for access to it.

As preparation for this feature, we still work on changing the data storage of activities as we expect a significant increase in data with automatic synchronization.

Just to mention it again: Services like tapiriik and fitnesssyncer are nice and will be supported sooner or later, but because running such a tool is not free of charge (at least the infrastructure) and among other things (e.g. no FIT files available), we’ll concentrate on connecting portals like Garmin, Polar, Suunto and TomTom directly.

Weather data for all your existing activities

As already mentioned in the last blog post, we have added weather data to all existing activities in RUNALYZE (as long as they qualified for weather detection, i.e. have an outdoor sport and coordinates).

Working on a new analysis feature

We are currently working on an important basic analysis feature that you will certainly enjoy. You’ll see more later on – stay tuned.

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Google Maps as elevation correction source had to be removed
  • Fixed a bug which added an empty elevation profile if all correction resources returned empty data (i.e. for Finland as there’s no satellites data available)
  • Disabled our backup importer tool (as announced)
  • Added a year filter for prognosis window
  • Improved privacy in activity rss feeds of users (only available if a user enabled her/his public athlete page)

Tank-Tops/Singlet shirts and some RUNALYZE cups

In the RUNALYZE shop you still have the possibility to buy shirts and (new) tank tops. In addition, we have a very small number of RUNALYZE cups in stock for testing purposes.

With every purchase you support RUNALYZE – especially currently with the payment for access to the Garmin API.


That’s all for now ;)

Best regards

Hannes & Michael

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