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From the beginning of RUNALYZE we had an overview of all races you did so far. But from now on, you can add your placements (and the total number of participants). Furthermore, races are not limited to running anymore. Instead of using a fixed activity type for races (which was only possible for one type of sport) you can just check the checkbox ‘Competition’ in the activity form.

We frequently had questions about the distance information. In the rarest cases gps devices record 10k runs exactly 10,000 km. Up to now you had to manually adjust this distance such that the original gps distance got lost and the plots did not fit exactly. From now on you can leave the original distance untouched and set the official distance (and time) in the ‘Competitions’ plugin for each result.

We have still some more ideas for the race result feature which may be added in a later version of RUNALYZE  (have a look at Github). If you have any further ideas – Just tell us!

Race results overview


Activities: Borg scale / RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion)

One of the most frequently asked feature is the possibility to rate the effort of an activity. With v2.6 it’s finally there: You can set an RPE value for every activity. So far, there is no additional analysis of what you’ve entered here, but it will come – be sure. Just begin to rate your activity on your personal point of view and let us know about your ideas for how to evaluate this value.



Historical weather data

Up to now you had to add your activity in a timely manner to get the correct weather,  because historical data is not available for free. From now on we are frequently query our weather sources to receive and cache the weather data for you. Therefore the chance to receive the weather data for older activities become significantly large.

This proceeding applies only to our online version. Users of a personal installation of RUNALYZE have to fill out the weather data by oneself,  so that they have to rely on uploading the activity  shortly after the the training – or  at least open the form before or after the training. We may add a automatic script for caching the weather data later on.


  • The average gradient can be shown in the dataset
  • Performance Condition [1] and Training Effect [2] will be imported from FIT files (if available)
  • You can define a default activity type for every type of sport. This is considered when opening the activity form.
  • The form and prognoses plots will show/consider your basic endurance
  • The manual VDOT correction factor allows values greater than 1.00 – although our suggestion is to check your maximal heart rate in such a case
  • A new filter is used for HRV calculations and plots to ignore anomalies
  • A plot for successive differences of the rr-intervals is added
  • The timezone of activities is now always determined by gps coordinates if available (this will prevent wrong timestamps for e.g. some Polar files)
  • PWX import: pauses will now be correctly detected
  • Administrators can disable the account activation, such that new users can register without verifying their mail address




Ideas? Share it with us!

Even though we have a lot of tickets and ideas on Github (and we have not even written down every idea in a ticket), we want to hear from you what is really missing. Just tell us your ideas in our  forum. A detailed description helps us to visualize your idea and to be faster with the implementation.

Help us propagating RUNALYZE

We would be pleased if you include our  “RUNALYZE powered athlete” button in your forum signature or in your blog/website.

Join us as a tester (official version and private installations)

We are permanently looking for testers. As a leisure open source project we don’t have the resources to test everything in the smallest detail. We have automatic tests, but they will never cover the full application. Just write us a short mail with your username & mail address if you are interested joining as a tester.

If you are using a own installation of RUNALYZE and want to join us as a tester just write us a short mail. We will add you to our mailing.

Help us translating RUNALYZE

As we are adding more and more functions, a lot of new passages have to be translated. If you have fun and time to translate RUNALYZE into your language or a language you know just register at In no case you have to translate everything for a language – just do as much as you can and want to. If everyone translates just a part we are getting into the right direction

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  1. Hi,

    Would you consider functionality to upload information from Apps such as MapMyWalk into Runalyse?

    Thank you

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