RUNALYZE is now available in french

Finally RUNALYZE is now available in french at
We say thank you for everyone who contributed to the translation at

A large and additional thanks to Guillaume who did the most of the translation!

Your language is missing? Everyone can contribute to the translation and if everyone does a little bit we can quickly add new languages. For more information look at our help/support site.

(French will be added to the upcoming releases in 3.1 & 3.0.2)

Checkout the features of RUNALYZE and go ahead and create your account for analyzing your activities at for free.

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or support us by buying a RUNALYZE shirt at> or buy things/gifts at or at

We spend our leisure time to make RUNALYZE as good as possible and we still have tons of great ideas, but time is scarce and after a hard training we first need some fruits or a smoothie. You can support the development of RUNALYZE with every financial contribution — We highly appreciate every grant.

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