Runalyze Development Updates #3

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At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about the latest developments at RUNALYZE. These are the changes since the last development update


Polar Auto Sync

We are now able to sync with Polar (only new activities)

New Map layers

We added two new map layers for the activity map. The first one is the OpenTopMap and the second one “Wikimedia

Public activity view (some responsive layout)

The private view of the activities were already responsive, but the public activites not. Now you can also view your public activities on your mobile phone.

Social Login/Register via Facebook/Google

You can connect your existing accounts to Facebook/Google to be able to use the “faster” Social Login. It’s also possible to register new accounts via Facebook/Google

Small ones

  • Total column in “Monthly stats”
  • Minor adjustment to the registration process


Recalculations were not triggered for activities in Auto-Sync/Mail Import

All new imported activities via Garmin Sync/Polar Sync/API and Mail Import didn’t triggered the recalculations of our calculations (effective VO2max and all values  you see in the calculation panel)

Correct distance units at Climb Score/Calculation explanations

The distance units were not have not been considered at the Climb Score and the Calculation explanations

Add tags with similiar name

It was not possible to enter tags with a similar name in the training form.

Incorrect weather data via Auto Sync

If you live in a time zone far away from UTC you have noticed some wrong weather informations. We fixed this on the 6th of July. This affects a few months. We still have an open ticket to correct the activities that are affected

Equipment panel/statistics – Fixed order/respect prev. distance

The order in the equipment panel didn’t respected the prev. distance



A new tool

We don’t want to give too much away yet. With the new tool you can analyze your activity data even better. It will allow you a flexible visualization. We will start a small beta test in the coming days.

Proof of concepts

We are working on some features for RUNALYZE which first need some proof of concepts. Since we don’t want to promise too much, we won’t reveal anything.

Side note

In August we (Hannes and Michael) will take a week off from development. Support requests are processed a little slower during this time. We have to take a deep breath and then we will work on RUNALYZE again with full concentration.

We really work on RUNALYZE every day. You don’t always see what we do, because in the meantime we first experiment with some topics and sometimes develop something for future features.

We would also like to thank you for your support (ideas, financial support (buying shirts/direct support)).

Best regards

Hannes & Michael

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