Runalyze Development Updates #4

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At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about our latest improvements at RUNALYZE. These are the main changes since our last development update

New Features

Climb Score: Map

Climb Score views include a map to identify where a specific climb was. When clicking on a climb to view its detailed profile the map automatically zooms to the specific section of the route. In addition, hovering the map shows a map marker at the exact position.


Running Effectiveness and Efficiency Index in dataset

Power metrics for running, namely Running Effectiveness and Efficiency Index, have been added to our dataset collection to be viewable in the weekly overview. Still, as those metrics require the athlete’s weight, they are not yet available in our tools (e.g. trend analysis). And – so far – they always use the athlete’s current weight. (But this will change in the near future)

Races: link to edit race result in activity view

For races, the form to edit the race result is now directly available in the activity view. In addition, the achieved Effective VO2max, which is based on the pure race result and does not take the heart rate or any correction factor into account, is shown as well. This value is an indicator for how well estimation and correction work for this single date.


Minor fixes for mobile version

Some minor styling issues on mobile devices have been fixed, such that you are able to view and edit an activity after it has been synced automatically. So far, some menus overlapped partly and close icon for overlays was not always visible. We admit that Runalyze has still not the best experience on small displays, but all simple tasks should be possible.

Streak calculation

Activities that exceed midnight and thus took place on several days are now handled correctly for calculating the current streak.

Dynamic Histograms

Zones didn’t worked in the Internet Explorer. Names/Limits of Zones were mixed in some cases.




We are working on a refactored “Health” section. For the first step some data will be separated.

Internal refactoring

We are changing the way how we store some data in the next months. This needs a lot of coding time in the moment.


Best regards

Hannes & Michael

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