Runalyze Development Updates #5

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At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about our latest improvements at RUNALYZE. These are the main changes since our last development update.

New Features

Training paces

Even though there is already a long post on this subject, we would like to mention it here again. With the latest changes in RUNALYZE you not only get the training pace recommendations by Daniels back, but you also have the possibility to choose from various training philosophies or make your own settings.


New options and adjustments for our poster tool

We have made some changes to the poster tool. The changes are already live. We will tell you more about this in its own blog post.

Overview row in activity view: Add average power + Values are only shown if available

In the activity overview, the average power value is now also displayed in the overview row. In addition, values are displayed only if the are available – missing values are not displayed any longer.

Improved pageload times for international users outside of Germany

We have made several changes to make the loading times – mainly the initial ones – more comfortable for especially international users.

Updated icons

We updated the library for the icons we are using. As a result, some icons have changed slightly.


Fix i18n problems with ANOVA/Trend analysis

Some languages had a problem with the ANOVA and Trend analysis tool. Thanks for the hint!

Improvement of the full Garmin import

Some total imports failed due to some problems downloading some activities.



We are working on a refactored “Health” section. There will be some new data you will be able to store at RUNALYZE and some of the existing data will be managed separately. We don’t have a schedule for that feature yet. After we have released the refactored health section we will extend our API to allow external apps  (like HealthFit) writing data to RUNALYZE.

The refactored section then allows the weight values to merge correctly with the power values. Currently only the most current weight is used for those calculations.

Internal refactoring

We are changing the way how we store some data in the next months. This needs a lot of coding time currently.

Suunto – Automatic Sync

If everything from our side and Suunto’s side works out the Suunto Sync should be available at the end of the first quarter of 2019.


More power analysis in RUNALYZE

We know that power becomes more and more a very important topic for running (and is already for cycling). Of course, we intend to be able to offer considerably more analysis functions in RUNALYZE for those numbers. A preliminary work that is necessary for this to happen is the revision of the “Health” section. Stay tuned and be sure: we’re working on it.


Those who have not yet taken part in the survey are welcome to do so: English surveyDeutsche Version


The original language of RUNALYZE is English, which makes translation the easiest for most languages. We are constantly working on RUNALYZE and with new features we are not able to provide the German translation immediately. We regularly try to translate everything, but depending on how much we have to do it can take a few days. The same applies to blog posts. Most of the time we try to translate the English blog posts at the same time – and if they are not available immediately, they should be within a week.

The translations of RUNALYZE – except the German – are done by you – the users. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn’t. But you can help us to continue the translation of all the different languages. Please read the article on our help page.

Best regards
Hannes & Michael

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