All Stryd Metrics supported

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Finally we support all Stryd Metrics. The metrics are stored for all activities imported since 30 May.

Power values have always been supported, but now Leg Spring Stiffness and Form Power are also imported and saved.

Power nevertheless has no effect on our calculations. We know that power is and will be a pretty important topic in running, but we’re not ready to present anything yet.

Form Power
Leg Spring Stiffness

But of course you already have the possibility to analyze the power values, Leg Spring Stiffness and Form Power in the Anova & Trend Analysis Tools yourself.

3 thoughts on “All Stryd Metrics supported

  1. Hallo,

    Polar VV + Stryd hier.
    Wie kann Ich diese 2 am besten synchronisieren met Runalyze fuer das beste resultat?


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