Migration to new Garmin API

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New Garmin API! Admittedly, this change also came very suddenly for us, but we had to decide and migrate quickly to the new API from Garmin.

Tltr: All users connected to the previous Garmin API are asked to migrate to the new Garmin API. The old API will no longer be available by the end of June. Synchronization works with the old API in the same way as with the new API.

Due to the new API that Garmin offers, we now also have to migrate. Unfortunately, there is no way to simply take over the connections of the previous users. Therefore all users who have connected RUNALYZE to Garmin are asked to connect to the new API now.

Even if this means now one-time effort it brings some advantage. The interface can also provide us with body data and sleep data at the same time, which we can later integrate into RUNALYZE when revamping the health section.


Non Garmin-Activities and manual entered activities will not get synchronized via that API.

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