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Runalyze wants to accompany you in your daily training and help you to evaluate your training and make it as efficient as possible. Many of the calculations are tailored to you and your characteristics.

In order for these calculations to give you the correct values for you personally, we need some personal details from you. This information is voluntary and you can use Runalyze without it. However, we recommend that you fill out your profile completely to get the most out of Runalyze.

If you are new to Runalyze or if your profile has some gaps, you will be asked to complete your profile directly in the header.

The account setup consists of several sections which we will go through briefly below (without guarantee that something will change/has changed here over time).

  • Personal settings
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Race results
  • Sports
  • Equipment
  • Privacy
  • Unit system
  • Miscellaneous

Personal settings

The personal data are the most important for the calculations. Gender is used for some values like energy consumption and training load and also age for age grading of competition results. The maximum heart rate and resting heart rate are used for the training load (TRIMP) of all your activities and for estimating the Effective VO2max (which highly effects your marathon shape). Therefore, it is important to enter them correctly from the beginning.

Automatic synchronization

To ensure that all your training data ends up at Runalyze, the easiest way is to connect your account to Garmin, Polar, Suunto or similar. If your data is synchronized with one of the many other possible apps, you don’t have to do anything else here.

Want to know if your data is compatible? Have a look at our full list of compatible devices and apps.

Race results

Of course not every runner has race results from previous races. However, if you have already participated in events, you should put them into Runalyze and mark them as a race. This is the only way we can determine how much you can go to your limits in competition. From this we will calculate the so-called “VO2max correction factor“, which is essential for the exact prognosis (for your next 10 km run/half marathon/marathon/…).

Other sections

In the following sections it is not necessarily necessary to adjust anything. We have already set up your account with the sports running, cycling, swimming, agility training, weight training and others. However, if you regularly do other sports, you can create them directly (even if they are not listed: you can define your own sports). For tracking your equipment, we have already created categories for running shoes, bikes and clothing.

Afterwards, we show you your most important settings regarding privacy and units. The units for speeds can be defined individually for each sport and are therefore not listed here.

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