More privacy settings & changes at performance data

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Change of the calculation of performance data
The power calculation, which could be activated in the general settings, was only valid for cycling, but was erroneously used for other sports as well. We have now removed this option. In future, performance data will always be automatically calculated if the sport is assigned to the internal sport “cycling” and no performance data is available from the file. For other sports there is no automatic calculation. If the file already contains performance data, it will always be copied (and never replaced by calculated data). The associated graph and average performance are displayed as usual in the “Miscellaneous” section.

Privacy for Dataset
We have added two more privacy settings in the latest version. The first concerns the dataset settings for public athlete sites. For almost all values that can be displayed in the overview, it is now possible to set whether they should also be visible in the public view for external users. It should be noted that in the logged-in state, all information is still visible on your own athlete’s page – after all, it is your own data. However, the settings have no effect on the individual public activity view. So the details can continue to appear here. If you don’t want to do this, you should switch the individual activity privately.

Standard privacy for sports
For each sport, a default value for the privacy of the associated activities can now be set. This is taken into account when creating a new activity (existing activities remain unaffected). This is useful, for example, for later automatic synchronization with other portals.

New area for general privacy settings
Previously, the existing privacy settings were somewhat hidden. They have now got their own area, which you can find in the top right corner of the menu next to your username.

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