Runalyze now supports daily HRV readings

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Being a successful athlete involves not only proper training, but also proper recovery. In particular, it depends on the coordination of the two: Intensive training sessions only achieve their desired effect when the body is ready for the stimulus.

To be able to determine the readiness of the body, one can look at a wide variety of metrics. In addition to resting heart rate, sleep and mental state, heart rate variability in particular provides information about the internal state. The good thing is that Runalyze now supports the input or synchronization of daily HRV measurements.

In the best case, the measurement is performed directly in the morning before getting up. All it takes is a minute and a corresponding sensor or app. The HRV value then displayed, usually the RMSSD or a transformation of it (e.g. lnRMSSD), gives a trend of how recovered one currently is compared to the baseline, the average of the past days.

You can add hrv values via the heart beat dropdown
HRV value in health panel

This value can be entered manually by clicking on “HRV” in the Health panel on the right or the corresponding link in the drop-down menu. In the best case, however, the value is already synchronized automatically. This happens so far for Oura and Garmin (Only Venu2 “Health Snapshot” yet). If your favorite app is not supported yet, you can leave this request on our ideas platform.

Resulting HRV values in your recovery status

8 thoughts on “Runalyze now supports daily HRV readings

  1. Hi,
    using various apps like ithlete , Elite HRV on my smartphone and HRV Analysis and F3b Monitor+HRV apps on my Garmin Forerunner – which value has to (should) be entered manually for HRV in Runalyze?
    The value 5.80 shown on your screenshot appears comparably low compared to figures generated by the apps mentioned. Elite HRV, ithlete and F3b app report values between 50 and 80. Average rMSSD is also in a different range (around 30 to 60).
    The reason for my question; I am experiencing different rating (green in Apps -> ready to go; red in Runalyze) for data I enter. I tried both adding apps’ generated HRVs and rMSSD.
    So need your advice what value/type of data to be entered.


    1. You should use exactly that value, that your favorite hrv app/software uses/reports, in this case that’s your value between ~50 and 80.

      We don’t expect a special unit unless we know the unit exactly (that’s the case for auto-sync partners like Garmin). Some report RMSSD, some lnRMSSD or a scaled X * lnRMSSD or just any other value (not all are clear about what they report). That’s why we decided to just take the value whatever unit it is in.

      The only important thing: Stay with the value you’ve chosen and don’t switch between e.g. lnRMSSD and RMSSD ;-)

      Concerning the red indicator: We’ll push a fix soon. There was a typo …

      1. Good morning Hannes,
        entering the HRV value derived from IQ app “F3b Monitor+HRV” every morning still shows different indicator color compared to Elite HRV or ithlete.
        Elite HRV’s overall assessment is on deviation from the base line with 10 being the highest score (green) and 1 the lowest (red) where the scale differentiates shifts on sympathetic or parasympathetic side.
        Today I scored a 10 with Elite but my runalyze indicator is orange.
        Overall correlation between HRV Elite and ithlete is not perfect but good, though.

      2. The color indicator is based on the average value of the last 7 days:
        – up to >10% above baseline –> good
        – up to okay
        – more than 10% below baseline –> bad

  2. Can’t get Garmin Connect to sync the HRV value from HRV stress score. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. hey Daniel, like written in the article. “Garmin (Only Venu2)“Health Snapshot” yet”
      We only get the HRV from that Health Snapshot from Garmin. It looks like Garmin is rolling out the feature for more watches.

  3. Good Morning,

    Would you please add syncing option for Sleepon sleeping tracker which also record HRV and RHR?



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