New tool: VO2max factor analysis

The feature presented here is a premium feature that is only available for Early Premium users. You can sign up for a premium subscription via your upgrade page. Effective VO2max is perhaps the most exciting metric within Runalyze. Not only because the Effective VO2max is one of the most important parameters about an athlete’s performance, […]

Runalyze now supports daily HRV readings

Being a successful athlete involves not only proper training, but also proper recovery. In particular, it depends on the coordination of the two: Intensive training sessions only achieve their desired effect when the body is ready for the stimulus. To be able to determine the readiness of the body, one can look at a wide […]

Follow athletes via RSS feed

Some say it’s a technology of the past, but we think it’s still interesting. As you know we don’t have community features yet, but still want to give anyone the opportunity to follow other athletes. And the best thing: You don’t need to have an account at┬áRunalyze┬áto follow other athletes.         To […]

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