New: Marathon shape for other distances

Have an idea or feature you’re dying to see in Runalyze? Wish it on our idea platform. With 100 up-votes it was one of the most requested features, now we followed your request and implemented it: The marathon shape is now also available for other distances. This means in detail: You can select a distance […]

New tool: Personal Route Map

The feature presented here is a premium feature that is only available for Early Premium users. You can sign up for a premium subscription via your upgrade page. As a tool for evaluating the entire training data, Runalyze offers many approaches for analyzing and optimizing one’s own training on the one hand, but also many […]

New tool: Streaks view

The feature presented here is a premium feature that is only available for Early Premium users. You can sign up for a premium subscription via your upgrade page. Streak running is running at least one mile a day and can be a wonderful motivator for some runners. Some runners keep it up not only for […]

Machine Learning: Runalyze can now guess your activity type

The feature presented here is a beta feature that is only available for Supporter and Early Premium users. You can sign up for a supporter or premium subscription via your upgrade page. All the analysis that Runalyze offers you for your training data is usually based on the simple but important assumption that you record […]

Premium feature: Aerobic Decoupling view

Aerobic Decoupling (also known as Cardiac Decoupling) is a measure for how much your heart rate drifts (known as cardiac drift) over time. To calculate the value, the ratio of power or pace to heart rate of the first and second half of the activity is compared. For Premium users, this calculation is now available […]

Analysis tool: Quality sessions

This presented feature is a premium feature that is only available for Runalyze Early Premium subscribers. You can try the premium offer for free for 7 days or upgrade directly via your upgrade page. In order to prepare optimally for the next competition, runners cannot avoid the necessary tempo training. Of course, training also includes […]

Runalyze now supports daily HRV readings

Being a successful athlete involves not only proper training, but also proper recovery. In particular, it depends on the coordination of the two: Intensive training sessions only achieve their desired effect when the body is ready for the stimulus. To be able to determine the readiness of the body, one can look at a wide […]

HRV: Improved estimation of DFA-alpha1 values

Back in January, we presented our experimental feature for estimating aerobic threshold using HRV. Since this first implementation, we have worked considerably on the implementation of the method and can thus put to rest the original skepticism about how useful the determined values actually are. The basic principle: Using the exact RR intervals between the […]

Synchronisation with Strava

Garmin stopped syncing third-party activities to platforms like ours in early April. This means that when Zwift sends activities to Garmin, we no longer receive them. Activities created by Garmin will of course still end up at Runalyze. Therefore, we have now implemented automatic synchronization with Strava as a workaround, so that Zwift activities, for […]

Runalyze syncs with Oura now

Some users have asked for automatic synchronization with Oura and now it is available to everyone. For now limited to sleep data, as we do not yet support HRV data outside of individual activities. How do I connect my Oura account to Runalyze? Click on “Automatic Sync” on the dashboard and click on “Connect“. You […]

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