Running Power for everyone

Probably we all know the discussions about the right training control: Should I look at heart rate, pace or power? The discussions will probably go on for a long time and everyone has their point of view. We at RUNALYZE also have a clear point of view: we don’t try to give you a particular […]

Poster tool: more options and area selection

About two years ago we introduced our poster tool, which gives you the possibility to visualize your training data. Now, one of the most requested improvements is live: Limit the heatmap to a certain area. Heatmap for different area selection: everything on the left vs. 10 km radius on the right When requesting a heatmap […]

Runalyze Development Updates #4

At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about our latest improvements at RUNALYZE. These are the main changes since our last development update New Features Climb Score: Map Climb Score views include a map to identify where a specific climb was. When clicking on a climb to view its detailed profile the map […]

Changes concerning the OpenSource alignment of RUNALYZE

After the announcement that the import/export tool will no longer be supported, there is another important announcement for users of our own installations and developers who have previously supported us at GitHub: RUNALYZE as a complete application will no longer be completely open source in the future. What may sound like a kick in the […]

Runalyze v4.0 – What’s new?

Our new version is currently being tested and the major version change to 4.0 indicates that there are some crucial changes under the hood. In our case, that are new installation requirements (long-lasting tasks will be passed to a queue) and the removal of vdot features. Removal of VDOT features Dr. Jack Daniels and his […]