Runalyze v4.0 – What’s new?

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Our new version is currently being tested and the major version change to 4.0 indicates that there are some crucial changes under the hood. In our case, that are new installation requirements (long-lasting tasks will be passed to a queue) and the removal of vdot features.

Removal of VDOT features

Dr. Jack Daniels and his team at The Run SMART Project asked as us to remove all vdot features as they belong to Daniels’ intellectual property (and, obviously, they empower their own vdot-based products). This ‘ban’ includes training paces based on Daniels’ suggestions and the VDOT estimation for single activities and thus your current shape.

In our opinion it really disappointing as our focus on his philosophy was more like a homage to Daniels as running coach and scientist and not an exploitation of his ideas. But, we take it sportive and see this as incentive to be independent of any special philosophy.

For this point in time, there are no training paces for concrete zones (like threshold pace) anymore. Instead, you are able to identify paces for various percentages of your maximal pace. In addition, VDOT estimation is replaced by an estimation of your effective VO2max (More about the effective VO2max in our help). For your use of this metric, there’s nearly no difference.

Automatic poster generation

The main scope of the queue is our new poster tool that you may know from our one-time campaign in January. Generation of such posters is now possible from within Runalyze with a few clicks.

You will be able to:

  • Choose the poster types
  • Choose year and sport type
  • Change the poster title
  • Choose the poster size

More features will be added from time to time

As before, we’re really thankful for all the work Florian has done, as he provides the underlying (and free) python tool.

Minor changes

In addition to some minor bugfixes we renamed our ‘Basic endurance’ to ‘Marathon shape’ as that describes precisely what it represents. A value of 100% indicates an optimal marathon training and the value is used only for prognoses for long distances.

Hint: The poster tool is provided as free tool, although a lot of work was required to implement the automatic creation of your individual posters. If you like these posters or if you think Runalyze is a great tool that empowers your training analysis, we are happy for every financial support as supporter, that will help us to stay concentrated all night long.

2 thoughts on “Runalyze v4.0 – What’s new?

  1. Echt schade. Daniels kannte ich vor Runalyze überhaupt nicht und hab’ mir sein Buch erst viel später gekauft. Eigentlich habt Ihr ‘ne super Werbung für die gemacht und es ist schon ärgerlich, dass das Programm nun geändert werden muss. Was soll’ s. Ich freue mich auf die neue Version!

  2. Tja, wenn Herr Daniels meint, dass er auch so gefunden wird! Ich kannte ihn vorher nicht und bin erst durch euch darauf aufmerksam geworden. Die Intention, seine Produkte zu kaufen wird zumindest bei mir ins Leere gehen. Ich werde jedenfalls kein Buch mehr von ihm kaufen und ganz sicher auch kein VDOT Produkt. Danke für Eure große Mühe

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