Rate your training with Subjective Feeling

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Besides the evaluation of the training with the RPE value (Rate of Perceived Exertion) there is now another possibility to evaluate the training: Subjective Feeling.

What’s the difference?

Let’s say you’re doing an interval session. On the RPE scale of 6-20 the training can be very hard (e.g. a value of 17), but you didn’t feel very good during the activity (e.g. because of headaches), which results in a low subjective feeling (e.g. 1 = weak).

This feedback is of interest for yourself, as the RPE can’t tell anything about your feeling, and for your coach.

If you have a current Suunto device it’s possible to rate the session on this 1 to 5 scale directly after the activity on the watch. This value will be imported automatically to RUNALYZE.

Other tools like the trend analysis and ANOVA are able to evaluate those values as well. Of course, it’s available for the dataset of your calendar view, too.

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