Runalyze v4.2 – Changes

New feature: Climb Score Climbing a mountain in running shoes or on the bike is always something special – not just since riders at the Tour de France show us how to conquer the toughest mountains. From now on, RUNALYZE will categorize all climbs in your activities and analyze them, from little hills of the […]

Runalyze v4.1 – Changes

Revised configuration of your sport and activity type settings Forms for configuring sports and activity types have been revised completely. Every sport has now its own form and related activity types appear on every sports form. Furthermore, sports can be linked to our internally specified sports. This allows us to assign your imported activities to […]

Runalyze v4.0 – What’s new?

Our new version is currently being tested and the major version change to 4.0 indicates that there are some crucial changes under the hood. In our case, that are new installation requirements (long-lasting tasks will be passed to a queue) and the removal of vdot features. Removal of VDOT features Dr. Jack Daniels and his […]

Runalyze v3.2 – Whats new?

The major changes we’ve done for version 3.2 happened in the core system and you will not recognize them directly.       New: ANOVA tool Values are visualized with so-called ‘box plots’. They give an impression of how values of a group are distributed. The middle 50% of all values are within the box itself […]

Visualizing your running year 2016

The year 2016 is over and we have a little gimmick for you: Our goal at RUNALYZE is to provide not only a good analysis of your activities, but also some gimmickry. We’ve created three posters for you based on your running data of 2016: A heatmap which shows all your running tracks of the […]

A first look at the next year

Dear RUNALYZE user, the next year is rapidly coming closer and we hope your basic training for 2017 did already start. To reach your goals, we’d be pleased if you remain as a loyal user at RUNALYZE to analyze your activities and improve yourself. Our personal goals for 2017 at RUNALYZE are to get a […]

Minor changes in RUNALYZE v3.1

Today we are going to tell you about minor changes in our recent release of version 3.1. Age grade performance     Have a look at your race results (only for running) in proportion to the world best performance in your age/gender. You need to enter your year of birth in your account settings to see […]

Analyze time series & show best sub segments

Analyzing your data is one of the main objectives in RUNALYZE. Therefore we added a new tool to the activity view. Analyze time series So far, this tool offers some basic statistics for your complete time series, i.e. (arithmetic) mean, minimum, maximum, median (50% quantile), mode (most common value), coefficiant of variance (std / mean), […]

SmO2 & THb data support

We are happy to announce that we now support SmO2 (muscle tissue oxygen saturation) and THb (Total Hemoglobin concentration) data from FIT-Files from up to two sensors. The plot for these values is available in the “Miscellaneous” section of your activity view. If you want to dig deeper into this topic, we recommend the Youtube Channel of Moxy. Since […]

Support cases & Privacy

Privacy in connection with activity data is very important for all of us. You should always have the full control over your own data. By default, all your data in RUNALYZE is only visible to you and only you. But you can publish individual activities or your entire activity list. Check your privacy settings at “Configuration […]