External apps can push activities to RUNALYZE now

The synchronization feature with Garmin, Polar, Suunto and TomTom is still in progress, but we can now offer third-party apps the possibility to send activities directly to RUNALYZE. We have implemented a limited API for this purpose. Step by step we will give more apps access to the interface after checking them beforehand (if you […]

Runalyze Development Updates #1

At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about the latest developments at RUNALYZE. Synchronization with various portals Of course we are working on this feature, as it is the most important feature at the moment. We’re already in contact with Garmin and are already testing their API. We are a little disappointed that […]

Weather data for all your existing activities

In earlier times we didn’t have the cheap way to load historical weather data if a user uploaded older activities. Since ~beginning 2017 there is a weather interface (darksky), which we can use to retrieve historical weather data. Since the beginning of 2017, new activities should include the weather data anyway. In the last days […]

Changes concerning the OpenSource alignment of RUNALYZE

After the announcement that the import/export tool will no longer be supported, there is another important announcement for users of our own installations and developers who have previously supported us at GitHub: RUNALYZE as a complete application will no longer be completely open source in the future. What may sound like a kick in the […]

More privacy settings & changes at performance data

Change of the calculation of performance data The power calculation, which could be activated in the general settings, was only valid for cycling, but was erroneously used for other sports as well. We have now removed this option. In future, performance data will always be automatically calculated if the sport is assigned to the internal […]

Performance chart for races

For ambitious runners, the main focus is on results. New best times want to be run and above all, for example, the 10 km best time is to be run afterwards on the half-marathon track. But is the person in a position to do this at all, or is there a lack of basic speed […]

Support for RunScribe metrics

More and more data can be recorded while running. Many new devices to try to learn more about the running style and the forces that actually occur. One promising project is RunScribe. With one RS+ Pod each on the left and right, four new metrics can be recorded in addition to the step frequency and […]

Announcement: No more support for import/export tool as of 10.03.2018

Note: This announcement is not relevant for users who only use our official version at RUNALYZE.com. We want to take further important steps forward this year, in order to be able to offer you even more features in the future. One step of this will be a change in the storage of the complete activity […]

Looking Ahead to 2018

Dear RUNALYZE user, we hope you had a merry Christmas! Retroperspective Sadly we couldn’t reach our personal goal for 2017 to get an automatic synchronisation with other platforms. Besides the always valid limitation of us working on RUNALYZE only during leisure time, we had to refactor the activity parser, activity form and upload process to […]

Follow athletes via RSS feed

Some say it’s a technology of the past, but we think it’s still interesting. As you know we don’t have community features yet, but still want to give anyone the opportunity to follow other athletes. And the best thing: You don’t need to have an account at┬áRunalyze┬áto follow other athletes.         To […]