Here we go! Suunto Auto Sync

The time has finally come! In the last weeks you were already impatient and the question when the Suunto Sync will finally go online has reached us several times.┬áNow we can finally say: It’ live! Suunto users can connect their RUNALYZE account with the Suunto App now! We are proud to say that we are […]

Peaceful holiday & Preview 2019

Dear RUNALYZE users, before the Christmas stress – eating, running, eating, running, … – begins – we’d like to send you a little Christmas greeting. We have already presented our review of the year in last blogpost. Today we would like to say a few words before the year is finally over. Thank you for […]

Year in review 2018

2018 is almost the past again, but the year just passed us by. Looking back on the last 12 months, we are pleased to announce that we were able to implement a lot of new features at RUNALYZE. We would like to show you these again with a short review – perhaps you will also […]

Poster tool: more options and area selection

About two years ago we introduced our poster tool, which gives you the possibility to visualize your training data. Now, one of the most requested improvements is live: Limit the heatmap to a certain area. Heatmap for different area selection: everything on the left vs. 10 km radius on the right When requesting a heatmap […]

Pace recommendations – Configure your own training paces

[Deutsche Version] If you follow a training plan, you will usually want to know one thing before a training run: At what speed do you want to run? The question of the right tempo is very important primarily for intervals and endurance runs, but also for easy runs or long runs. There are many different […]

Tutorial: Equipment Management

[Deutsche Version] In Runalyze we offer you a flexible equipment management. With this equipment management you can do the following: Create your own equipment category Equipment categories must be assigned to specific sports (of course, you can select all) It can be defined whether a multiple or single choice for each activity is desired (e.g. […]

New Social Sharing options

Although most of the changes we’ve made in the last few weeks only affected the backend of RUNALYZE, there is now one feature – which in the end has caused a bit more effort than it should have caused: We now provide social images for each training session with GPS data that can be perfectly […]

Direct synchronization from Garmin to RUNALYZE

After a long time, the time has finally come: Direct synchronization of activities with Garmin is now online. Just click on the “Automatic Sync” button next to “Add workout” and connect with Garmin. There are some restrictions We only get all future activities and your activities of the last thirty days from Garmin. We have […]

Runalyze Development Updates #1

At irregular intervals we would like to inform you about the latest developments at RUNALYZE. Synchronization with various portals Of course we are working on this feature, as it is the most important feature at the moment. We’re already in contact with Garmin and are already testing their API. We are a little disappointed that […]

Weather data for all your existing activities

In earlier times we didn’t have the cheap way to load historical weather data if a user uploaded older activities. Since ~beginning 2017 there is a weather interface (darksky), which we can use to retrieve historical weather data. Since the beginning of 2017, new activities should include the weather data anyway. In the last days […]

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