Announcement: No more support for import/export tool as of 10.03.2018

Note: This announcement is not relevant for users who only use our official version at We want to take further important steps forward this year, in order to be able to offer you even more features in the future. One step of this will be a change in the storage of the complete activity […]

Looking Ahead to 2018

Dear RUNALYZE user, we hope you had a merry Christmas! Retroperspective Sadly we couldn’t reach our personal goal for 2017 to get an automatic synchronisation with other platforms. Besides the always valid limitation of us working on RUNALYZE only during leisure time, we had to refactor the activity parser, activity form and upload process to […]

Visualizing your running year 2016

The year 2016 is over and we have a little gimmick for you: Our goal at RUNALYZE is to provide not only a good analysis of your activities, but also some gimmickry. We’ve created three posters for you based on your running data of 2016: A heatmap which shows all your running tracks of the […]

A first look at the next year

Dear RUNALYZE user, the next year is rapidly coming closer and we hope your basic training for 2017 did already start. To reach your goals, we’d be pleased if you remain as a loyal user at RUNALYZE to analyze your activities and improve yourself. Our personal goals for 2017 at RUNALYZE are to get a […]

Minor changes in RUNALYZE v3.1

Today we are going to tell you about minor changes in our recent release of version 3.1. Age grade performance     Have a look at your race results (only for running) in proportion to the world best performance in your age/gender. You need to enter your year of birth in your account settings to see […]

RUNALYZE is now available in french

Finally RUNALYZE is now available in french at We say thank you for everyone who contributed to the translation at A large and additional thanks to Guillaume who did the most of the translation! Your language is missing? Everyone can contribute to the translation and if everyone does a little bit we can quickly add […]

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